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Igniting School Spirit: Community & Unity

Patriot Militia proudly representing West Carteret one of the home football games.
Photo taken by Sarah Tell

Corinne du Mont, Staff Writer

Sunday, September 3, 2023

School spirit is an essential part of the overall educational experience nationally. School spirit plays a role in fostering an environment where students, faculty, staff, and even alumni feel a feeling of community and pride in their school. As a result, the atmosphere is increasingly positive, which creates a more supportive learning environment. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, school spirit dropped drastically as our school was taking care of the safety of students. As of right now, our Student Government committee members are working to get us back to our former glory. The benefits of school spirit are clear and are crucial to getting through the seemingly endless days of balancing school, homework, sports, theater, band and chorus rehearsals, and being a part of clubs. School spirit endorsing events help students to keep positive mindsets throughout this plethora of work. Events that support school spirit assist students in maintaining positive attitudes despite the abundance of work. School spirit can enhance student engagement in academics and extracurricular activities. Students are more likely to actively engage in class discussions, clubs, sports, and other school-related activities when they have a strong connection to their school. Not only does it benefit academic and extracurricular engagement, but also in the social aspects of students' lives.

Students, teachers, and families come together because of school spirit, which fosters a sense of belonging and community. This community support can help students overcome challenges and build lasting friendships. In high school, there may be a lot of competition between students' goals for academic performance and grades and their desire to stand out as they enter their late adolescent years. School spirit events can help bring people together throughout the high tensions that may arise during the peak of school year stress. It’s important to be kind throughout the year and know that people here at West can empathize with feelings you may have about school and your extracurriculars. Participating in the events the school organizes is an excellent opportunity to meet these individuals you can connect with. School spirit and community are completely connected since both are built on a foundation of inclusivity, unity with other students, and similar experiences. Students benefit from a greater sense of belonging and increased morale when they participate in school spirit events that help them connect to their school community. The more we show spirit in West, the more spirit our students will have!!!

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