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Athlete of the Month - Tucker Dickinson

Tucker Dickinson during a WCHS men's soccer game
Photo taken by Sean Cartwright

Joshua Figuredo, Sports Writer

Friday, April 26, 2024

Hi, I’m here with athlete of the month, Tucker Dickinson, how are we doing today?

Doing pretty good, I've had a long week so far along with a nice trip tomorrow to UNCW for a track meet. I’m excited to be competing in such a competitive atmosphere.

He is a star, stud freshman who is under five minutes in the mile and under 2:05 in the 800. Tucker, how would you explain your career so far?

I came out at around a 5:05 mile and over time I have slowly brought that time down a lot. I have built confidence with my teammates, Jake Knight and Chance McCubbins, shout out to them for letting me run with them. These two extraordinary runners have helped me excel in my events which have allowed me to PR constantly and be a better athlete and person all around. 

What is the most important part of track to you?

Individual confidence is the most important part, along with having a team that instills trust within each other. Having this trust also allows you to have faith in each other knowing that they will pull through with their events.

Random question here, but what is your favorite running shoe?

My favorite running/training shoe would have to be the Nike Dragonfly. This special shoe has a carbon fiber plate which allows me to run faster and have more impact with the ground. This shoe also lets me have a more broad and effective stride that makes me faster on the track. 

We have one last question for you. What are your end-of-season goals and how are you ensuring that you will meet them?

My season goal is to run a sub 4:45 in the mile. So far, my closest has been a 4:48, three seconds off of what I’m trying to achieve this season. The conference tournament is coming up in two weeks and I need to give it everything I have to reach my goal. Another goal I have is to be in the regional meet for the mile and 800. These are the state qualifying meets so hopefully I do as well as I possibly can to ensure I go to states in multiple events.

Thank you for taking the time to allow me to interview you and learn more about your track career.

No problem, thank you for this opportunity.

-Tucker Dickinson

If you’re ever feeling discouraged in a sport that you’re just starting out at, use Tucker as a role model, as he proves to all the upperclassmen that he is the most dangerous all-around runner West has to offer. Put in the work, and you can improve just like he has! Our next track meet will be May 1, 2024 at your very own Swansboro High School.

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