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Hike of the Month

Sophia Uhlmann, Lead Staff Writer

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Hike of the Month

This month’s hike is Patsy Pond in the Croatan National Forest! Throughout this review, the pictures shown will help illustrate where I was at that point in the hike to elevate the visuals you already have while reading!

The Beginning Bliss

As I start on my journey down the pine needle-filled path, I immediately feel calmer, letting the sweet spring breeze wash over me. The high trees tower over, creating some shade on this bright day, as the sun wants to push the clouds out of the way. The throng of bushes keeps the path aligned, the shades of green varying throughout the spikes. I hear the sounds of nature as I descend down the path, running lightly down to keep my ears kindly.

Patsy Pond’s Promise

I come to a halt as I approach Patsy’s home, carefully snapping a picture to capture the pond's promise. A promise to bring peace to a passerby's life, within the patient water, comes a passionate blessing. The lily pads bring pleasure and hope, re-establishing the peace you’re already filled with. The reflection in the pond’s tears, wiping away your own and replacing them with a smile. I inhale the sweet smell of the freshwater, promising to myself to never forget it.

A Lavender’s Lush

As I happily flee through the forest, I come across a group of lavender, perking up my ears to hear their chatter. The light purple adds to their cheeky nature, as they gossip about the town's doings. First, they whisper about the tree's tales, then the bush's blunt remarks, the sky’s stunning but dangerous virtues, and the butterfly's swift sweep through the forest early that morning. I soon realize how long I have been standing there, staring at the flower's choppy hairs and listening to their catching up. I say my goodbyes as I turn on my boots, starting back up the path before they can ridicule me for eavesdropping.

An Eager End

As I approach the end, it’s a bittersweet feeling. The trees are wrapping their bark around me to stay, while the lavender are using their roots to run me out. I am sorrowful to leave, comforting the tree’s gloomy shade and hushing away the lavender’s babble. Overall, I give this hike a 4 out of 5 stars, the 4 stars won from the forest's natural welcoming embrace, and the one star being taken off for the lavender’s saucy whispers. I was also very impressed by the cleanliness of the trail, so I will take a couple of words to applaud the forest’s efforts to keep out the polluters, their painful contamination being swatted out by the small lavender saints.

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