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Spring is Near

Sophia Uhlmann, Lead Staff Writer

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Spring is Near

I flip through the pages of my book

Feeling the crinkly paper against my fingertips

Looking up to see the trees flash by my window

Each one slightly different than the one before

But all looking the same bit gloomy

I sigh as I look at the dark sky

The dead grass

The crumbled-up leaves

No sign of life in sight

Then the road winds

And the trees get taller

The sky gets lighter

The grass greener

And the leaves disappear

Blooming flowers replacing them

Bees quickly buzzing around them

Deer looking out from beyond the trees

Ladybugs crawling on the bending leaves

Kids laughing as they roll around in the grass

Tripping as they try to catch the sun

As spring is near

And nature is starting to appear

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